Swedish Massage - a soothing massage using light to medium pressure
emphasizing relaxation and muscle tension relief; ideal for stress relief and
release of tight, tired muscles; uses long, fluid strokes and gentle stretches
to calm and settle the body and mind, increase circulation, and promote the
body's natural healing and sense of well-being.

60 minutes $ 75                    package of 4 $ 280
90 minutes $ 100                  package of 4 $ 360

Deep Tissue Massage - a more intensive massage for relieving serious
tightness, chronic tension, and stubborn, long-held knots; recommended
for severe or chronic tightness; this massage works at a deeper level and
slower pace with sustained holds and releases using a blend of traditional
massage, stretching, trigger-point therapy, acupressure, and other

60 minutes $ 75                  package of 4 $ 280
90 minutes $ 100                package of 4 $ 360

Custom Table Massage - a blend of styles designed just for you; a
personalized blend of techniques from a couple, a few, or all of the following
to address your specific needs: Swedish massage, deep tissue massage,
trigger point therapy, acupressure,  passive stretching, Thai massage,
reflexology, essential oils aromatherapy heat or cold applications, and other techniques;
personalized session will be planned for you at appointment arrival.

0 minutes $ 80                  package of 4 $ 300
90 minutes $105                package of 4 $ 400

Prenatal Massage - massage for the mother-to-be using special
techniques and sidelying and reclined positioning to work on specific needs
and trouble areas; alleviates muscle tension and pain, increases circulation,
and relaxes the mind. (after first trimester only.)

60 minutes $ 75                   package of 4 $ 280
90 minutes $ 100                 package of 4 $ 360

Hot Stone Massage -Swedish massage using warm basalt lava stones; the
stones rest on the body and are used in a healing, soothing massage to
radiate warmth deep into the muscles and eliminate stress and tension; the
ultimate in relaxation.

60 minutes $ 85                  package of 4 $ 320
90 minutes $ 105                package of 4 $ 400

Targeted Massage - 30 minute session that allows you to receive
therapeutic benefits in a short amount of time; choose one to three areas
of your body to focus on for a specialized treatment.

30 minutes $ 40                  package of 4 $ 140

Thai/Yoga Massage -  uses a unique blend of deep tissue massage,
stretching and pressure point techniques to reduce stress and muscle
soreness and to promote a sense of well-being; Thai Massage is like having
yoga done to your body and offers the same benefits of yoga:  flexibility,
increased circulation, and quieting of the mind; Thai Massage does not use
oil and is performed on a mat with the client wearing loose-fitting clothing.

60 minutes $ 85                 package of 4 $ 320
90 minutes $ 110               package of 4 $ 410

Reflexology - ancient Eastern art of foot massage that relaxes, stimulates
circulation, and helps balance the entire body.

60 minutes $ 70                 package of 4 $ 260

Service Add-ons

Reflexology Add-On - foot reflexology massage added to any massage
session; amazingly relaxing and balancing to the body.

Add-on 15 minutes $ 15
Add-on 30 minutes $ 30

Aromatherapy - enhance your massage by choosing a therapeutic  
essential oil or oil blend to be used throughout your massage session; this
is a wonderful way to promote physical and emotional well-being.

$ 10

Shea Butter Foot or Back Scrub - cleanse, refresh and reveal softer,
more radiant skin on your feet or back; this treatment includes exfoliation
with a salt or sugar scrub, removed with warm towels, and application of
hydrating shea butter cream to deeply moisturize the skin.

$ 15
All services are by appointment only.

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